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In the UK, a reported 22% of children and young people claim to have been the target of cyberbullying making this one of the most important new areas of behaviour to understand and to equip schools, carers and young people with the ability to respond.

On this area of the Digizen website we outline the three major areas of the advice, Understanding, Preventing and Responding; and provided links to current resources.

In 2007, Childnet was commissioned by the Department for Children, Schools and Families to produce advice and guidance for schools on preventing and responding to cyberbullying. Childnet worked in close consultation with a wide range of sectors including children and young people, schools, industry, law enforcement, professional bodies, parent groups and child welfare organisations. You can access the summary and full guidance from this page.

Download the Cyberbullying: Supporting School Staff document … PDF (720 KB)

In 2009, Childnet produced guidance for the DCSF on Cyberbullying in relation to 'Supporting school staff'. This document builds on the 2007 Safe to Learn Cyberbullying guidance, and provides advice for employers of school staff - Local Authorities and governing bodies. It also offers advice for school staff about keeping themselves and their personal information safe. It was written in consultation with the DCSF Cyberbullying Taskforce, and with support of the leading school employee unions and professional associations.