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2. Preventing Cyberbullying


2.6.1Tackling cyberbullying is an ongoing process, and to get the most out of your prevention activities regular reviews of impact are vital. Cyberbullying should be included in your review processes, and included wherever appropriate in new policies. Monitoring your impact is an important way of marking and celebrating your school’s progress.

2.6.2 The school should consider how it might most effectively measure the impact of prevention activities, and how it will communicate findings to the whole-school community. It is important to remember that when an issue is initially made visible and people feel safe to discuss and identify incidents, it is likely that the school will see the number of reports go up. It is important to communicate to parents and the whole-school community why this happens in the short term, and to recognise that reducing incidents is a longer-term goal.

Conduct a regular survey

2.6.3The Children’s Commissioner has recommended that all schools conduct an annual survey of pupil’s experiences of bullying18. Cyberbullying incidents could be included in such a survey. This will provide schools with a good overview of how common cyberbullying incidents are amongst pupils, and highlight any areas that need particular attention. It will also provide you with a broad measure against which you can check the progress and impact of your prevention activities.

2.6.4 Many schools already use student and staff satisfaction surveys. It is useful also to conduct a parent satisfaction survey. Asking questions about cyberbullying will provide you with an indication about awareness and the success of your prevention work. The Anti-Bullying Alliance (ABA) Audit questionnaires are useful tools for evaluation19.

Publicise progress and activities to the whole-school community

2.6.5The staff members responsible for behaviour and anti-bullying can review cyberbullying prevention on an ongoing basis. Make sure you keep parents informed, by letter home and via the school website of your activities and the impact you are making.

18 Bullying Today: A report by the Office of the Children's Commissioner (November 2006):