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Cyberbullying: A whole-school community issue


Technology is great and offers fantastic opportunities for children. However, the technology can be misused, and this can be very painful for those, both children and teachers, who are the targets of cyberbullying. Adults need to help children and young people prepare for the hazards whilst promoting the many learning and social opportunities available.

Tackling cyberbullying will be an ongoing process as technology continues to develop. If you would like the full guidance produced by the DCSF and Childnet, see:

"Cyberbullying is the unacceptable face of new technology, and we need concerted action across society to address it. Schools must play a key role, and this new guidance will help them to identify and tackle instances of cyberbullying more effectively, as well as providing practical advice and information on how to prevent it."
Kevin Brennan, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Children, Young People and Families

"The internet and mobile phones have such positive potential to transform children’s lives for the better. However, when they are misused, they can cause real pain. We hope this guidance and resources which Childnet has produced will be of practical use and help us all fight cyberbullying."
Stephen Carrick-Davies, CEO, Childnet International

You can download this publication or order copies online at Search using the ref: DCSF-00685-2007. Copies of this publication can also be obtained from: DCSF Publications, PO Box 5050, Sherwood Park, Annesley, Nottingham NG15 0DJ. Tel: 0845 60 222 60; fax: 0845 60 333 60; textphone: 0845 60 555 60. Please quote ref: 00685-2007LEF-EN; ISBN: 978-1-84775-043-3.