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The topic of science and religion is part of the curriculum for many secondary schools, and it is vital that young people are given the opportunity to explore this area in a helpful way.

The Test of FAITH film explores the relationship between science and religion, and the generally perceived idea that they are in conflict. Scientist-believers discuss how they fit their faith and professional science work together.

Test of FAITH: Science and Religion Meet is a series of lesson plans based on the film, aimed at UK based GCSE and A level groups. This material was developed by the Stapleford Centre, and is now available for free download. Each session includes background information to help the teacher in exploring this difficult but exciting part of the syllabus, discussion ideas to use in the classroom, photocopiable worksheets, and activities at a range of levels, including stretching extension activities. Topics include creationism, evolution, origins of the universe and the problems of evil and suffering.

This resource can be downloaded for free here (8MB), and the DVD is available for £7 from The Faraday Institute's online shop. Alternatively you can buy a print copy of the teachers' book, which includes a special edition DVD, for £7 (previously £15) while stocks last.

(Please note: The DVD chapter points referred to in the teachers' book refer to the special edition DVD and not the version published by Paternoster/Authentic.)

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Schools Events

If you're interested in booking a session for a school or youth group, contact The Faraday Institute Youth and Schools Team at schools@faraday-institute.org for details.

Younger Pupils

There is no Test of FAITH material for younger pupils, but we can recommend the Wonder Project, (Key Stage 2-3), and Faraday Schools (Key Stage 3-5).