Test of FAITH
Resources for Churches from The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion

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Designed to equip you with an appreciation of the debate, the range of questions being asked, and the way in which answers can be explored.

Topics include science & faith, creation, the environment and identity. Each session creates space for young people to explore the issues, express their opinions and learn about how the Bible relates to the issues, as well as activities and games.

Leader's Guide [PDF, 408KB]

Sessions for 11-14 year olds [PDF, 1.4MB]

Sessions for 14-18 year olds [PDF, 2.1MB]

Graphic: get Adobe Reader.

These sessions were developed by Youth For Christ, and make use of the documentary Test of FAITH - a contemporary presentation of the issues.

Host Test of FAITH: LIVE! in your area

This is an exciting series of events to engage young people in a positive dialogue on science and Christianity, led by Chip Kendall, former lead singer of thebandwithnoname, with DJ Galactus Jack. The events are suitable for either a school or youth event setting, and include music, video, live science experiments, a short talk from a scientist provided by the Test of FAITH project, and Q&A time. For youth events we also include sketches from the In Yer Face theatre group. If you are interested in hosting Test of FAITH: LIVE! at your school or youth event, please contact bookings@chipkendall.com for details. Flier for youth events here (pdf, 500kb).