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Celebrating Creation
  • About Test of FAITH

    One of the primary aims of the Test of FAITH project is to help meet the enormous need in churches and parachurch groups for accessible materials on science and Christianity.

    The ethos and intended audience of the Test of FAITH project is outlined in this document (pdf, 700KB)

    The Test of FAITH documentary introduces the viewer to practising scientists who have a sincere Christian faith, even at the highest levels of academia. All of us can share their experience of awe when they find out more about God's creation through science. (Note: You do not need to obtain any special permission to show the DVD in public events.)

    The book Test of Faith: Spiritual Journeys with Scientists tells the stories of ten of the scientists featured in the documentary - their personal discovery of faith and how that has affected their work. It's a short book and an easy read, suitable for giving away to friends and family.
  • All-age service resource

    Celebrating God's Creation is a flexible multimedia resource designed to help churches to hold a very positive Sunday service celebrating the world God has made, and support the scientists in their congregation. Developed in partnership with Bible Society, it includes three specially commissioned videos.

  • Small groups

    The Test of FAITH course was developed with church home groups or other focused study groups in mind, and is suitable for people with a variety of educational levels and backgrounds.

    The Test of FAITH youth material was written by YFC to help Christian youth groups explore issues relevant to them at their own pace. Kids materials are also on the way
  • Schools
    If your church has links with any schools, or you have RE teachers in your midst, they will appreciate the Test of FAITH school materials. These consist of lesson plans to accompany the DVD that are tailored to national curriculum, and are suitable for both secular or faith based schools.
  • Events
    If you would like to organise a larger event based around Test of FAITH, or would be interested in a youth or schools event, please contact us.