Test of FAITH
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Test of FAITH: Science and Christianity Unpacked

This short course (3 to 6, 1.5-2 hour sessions) helps small groups to explore the issues raised in the film, encouraging open discussion of a range of views. It's flexible so that you can choose the issues you want to address, and work at a pace and level that suits the group.

Topics include an introduction to science and faith, the big bang, fine tuning of the universe, miracles, Genesis and evolution, bioethics and the brain.

You can find the guide to running a Test of Faith course here.

The Study Guide: for participants, with glossary, briefing sheets, discussion questions, and ideas for follow up.
Study Guide Sample

The Leader's guide: provides all the content of the Study Guide plus suggested responses to questions, further background information, and opportunities for taking the issues further. Leader's Guide Sample, including session details, introduction and ethos

Comments from course participants

It makes me interested... in finding out more about scientific discoveries and working out how to relate these to my faith.
A great starter to some of the big issues.
I think every Christian church should [use] this material. I think it would improve their knowledge of the world around, as well as their faith.